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We're Just Glad that Russia Guy is Leaving the Ice Cream for the Rest of Us

Commemorative cold treat or Nordic delight?
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True Heroes

Unit 1 summary

Art is mandatorily not real, but our interpretive imagination of reality. Is all art impressionism?  This statement seems to imply as much, however due to our limited scope of perception we can only tell our "part" of reality.  Art is choosing the medium that we feel best expresses our own perspective of that part of reality. Art allows us to escape. If art is always our impression of reality - it stands to reason that sometimes we use art to explain how we'd like reality to be.  That archetype allows us to escape our current reality through hope and inspiration. Art is often the borrowing and combining with our own ideas to make better art. Sometimes - often in fact - others art inspires us to make art of our own.  Sometimes our art reimagines their own art.  Sometimes the some of those parts is greater than the original. Useful Advice Don't Wait Time management is key. Be prepared to learn Can relieve stress of not knowing how to do things

Ginger doesn't follow the rules

Friends Make Good Trampolines

Sometimes you're not like the other goats...